Code of Behaviour for teenagers' Anapana courses

Learning to practice Anapana meditation is very valuable because it helps you to become a better person. Practicing Anapana meditation will help you to train your mind to become concentrated and calm. This strength of mind will help you to feel happier and more peaceful. Practicing Anapana and learning to concentrate will help you to become the master of your mind.

To help you succeed in practicing Anapana meditation it is important that you do your best to follow the instructions that you will be given during the meditation course and also, while you are at the course, agree to follow the Code of Behaviour written below. In the same way that a house needs a good foundation to support it, so the practice of Anapana needs a good foundation. This good foundation is built by following the Code of Behaviour. It will give you mental strength to help you avoid performing actions that are harmful or hurtful to yourself and others.

During the first meditation session at the course you will be asked to repeat the following five vows or precepts. These are written in bold and underneath each is an explanation. Please read them carefully so that you will understand what you are saying when the time comes:

The precepts

Segregation of the Sexes


Teenagers course at centre in Gujarat, India

Please observe segregation of the sexes throughout the course.

At the bottom of the course application form you will find a question that asks if you agree to try to follow this Code of Behaviour while you are at the meditation course. Below that is a place to sign your name. When you sign your name, it means that you agree to try and follow the Code of Behaviour.

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