Courses for children 8-12 years

You can learn Anapana meditation on a 1, 2 or 3-day course.

During the course everyone is asked to follow a Code of Behaviour and you will learn about how to live a good life by making the mind better, stronger and kinder. These are the first steps of the Vipassana Meditation method that is taught to older people. There is no charge for any of the courses, because they are paid for by donations from people who have already done a course.

1-day courses

One day course in Hong Kong

One day course in Hong Kong

These are held around the world at schools, camps etc., and also at Meditation Centres. Children learn the basics of meditation and the half hour practice sessions are combined with discussion, creative activities, story-telling and games in smaller groups. The sample timetable is from 9.30am to 5.00pm but that depends on the place. Lunch and a snack are normally provided. Anyone can come but you need permission from your parents. The teachers are helped by other volunteers who make sure everyone has a good time.

2 or 3-day residential courses

Course at Vipassana Centre in France

Course at Vipassana Centre in France

These are mostly held at our meditation centres, which are pretty quiet and peaceful places. The meditation is the same as for a 1-day course, but there is more time to relax, play games, ask questions and practice more seriously.

If you want to come, ask your parents to look at this website or to contact your local centre.


Parachute game at centre in Belgium

Parachute game at centre in Belgium

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