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“I learnt how to focus & keep my mind calm.”

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“I learnt how to control my mind & how to be more peaceful in life”

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“If your mind is calm & in control, you will never lose your temper & you will be able to make wise decisions.”

More from India & Nepal
“When I am frustrated with my mom, I do Anapana and it helps me.”

More from North America
“Previously I was always angry and my mind was in a mess. Now I am not angry. I feel light and happy.”

More from Asia
“I like meditating because it makes me feel relaxed”

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“It was cool. I like the meditation and we all laughed at the music they played for us, great games. I had fun.”

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What children say in Europe

It helps you when you are stressed and when you need peace. – boy from UK, aged 10

I think it really benefits me as I don't fight with my brother any more. – girl in UK, age 11, attended several times

In my life I feel more peaceful and my parents have commented on how my attitude has changed. – boy, aged 11 who has attended 3 times

Sometimes people fidget and it gets on my nerves but I try to ignore them and sometimes you can't and sometimes they don't. - boy from UK aged 11

Meditation is an exercise that helps you find your inner self. I notice that when I meditate I become in control of my mind. On this meditation course I enjoyed it all - the rooms, the activities and meditation – girl from UK, aged 8

Photos from Vipassana centres in Spain, UK, and Germany

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What children say in Australia

Meditating is fun and a great skill to learn for life. - Jack, aged 12

It really helps you - Salina, aged 10

It would be great for everyone. - Yash, aged 9

The course is relaxing and improves your concentration - Edward, aged 9

It's great and I went there. - Sarina, aged 9

I want to do it again. - Alashya, aged 11

It is quite good - Nathan, aged 9

I have gained how to be less distractable and to meditate before and after school. I enjoyed how we breathe from our nose without our mouth. The course is an excellent experience for anybody to learn many things. - Garima, aged 9

If you have a hard time getting to sleep this will help you - Amber, aged 12

Photos from Qld Vipassana Centre, Sunshine Coast and Mt Kiera camp, Wollongong

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What children say in India & Nepal

Great experience, attained peace & awareness, confidence - Rahul Lakhi

I have learned to concentrate, and also to erase my nervousness - Mahit Chauhan

Respiration is definitely one of the key elements which helps in concentration. I hope it will show the results. (peace, memory, confidence etc) - Subodhini D. Lakhi

Anapana was interesting and fun. Plus it was boring some times. With this I really think that we can make our memory power more. I enjoyed this course. - Kushal Kalpesh Shah

It will help us to start our day in school with a calm mind. - Akshay Chowdhri (Class VI)

In one exam when I did not remember one `fill in the blank', I did meditation for about 2 or 3 minutes. I remembered it. It not only makes us remember what we learn but also keeps us attentive in the class. - Tasleem Banu (Class VI)

Photos from Dhamma Sindhu, Gujarat and elsewhere in India

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What children say in North America

My mind is kind of like a video- thoughts just playing on and on. Meditating is like pressing the pause button. - Austin, aged 11

I come to courses because meditation can really help you in your life and it is fun. It can help you control your temper and really help you with mostly everything! When I get angry it helps me control what I do, and not hurt anyone or do anything rash. - Sophia aged 9, has participated in 3 courses, and has used Anapana at home

When I am frustrated with my mom,I do Anapana and it helps me. Sometimes when I meditate my mind wanders a lot, but sometimes meditation makes me feel calm. - Zivi, aged 9

Photos from California

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What children say in Asia

I will practise to be peaceful. I will practise at home and at school, etc. before tests, when nervous, and afraid. - Child, Jakarta, June 2010

I like the happy environment and the food is delicious. I like the games. The teachers are friendly. - Child, Jakarta, Nov 2008

Now I can see a ray of "light" in my life - student at Kyi Myin Dine school for vision-impaired, Yangon, Myanmar

Photos from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Myanmar

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What children say in Africa

At school if I need to concentrate on what the teacher is doing or saying I can use Anapana. And if I am mad and angry I can use Anapana.

I learned that I like meditating because it makes me feel relaxed.

Photos from South Africa and Ethiopia

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What children say in Latin America

Today with my first Anapana meditation I learned to control my mind. I met some nice people & I really liked the food.

I learned so much and I am sure that it is going to help me a lot. I have memories that will be with me my whole life. - Regina

I loved coming here this weekend, because I had a lot of fun and I felt great. I enjoyed meditating and also being in nature. I am recommending this course to everyone!!!!!

Photos from Mexico

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