Anapana meditation
Anapana makes our life more bright.
It is like a guiding light.
Not to scream and not to fight.
It always tells us to do right.
Anapana tells us to do good things.
It shows, what is the reality
and never to do partiality.
It tells us that from our minds,
we should remove evil things and be our own mind's king
Anapana tells,
Your breathing skills you must observe,
and these techniques, we must preserve.
Anapana is helpful, I say.
Cause it has helped me in many ways.


-Ms Aman Vadgama, Age 10, (Student at Children's course held 5th Nov 2005 at the TOI building, Mumbai)

Path of joy
It is the path of joy
Coming here you won`t get annoy.
So silent, so nice
I`m sure you will come here twice.
Your concentration on your breath
Is just what you need
Just continuous meditate
Must not make you irritate.
Listen to the instructions
Forget your mind`s distractions.
If you have no peace
Your problems here will cease.
You will not tell any lies
And you will be very wise.
If you do this
The result is
Your Future will be bright.


-Mary Thomas (Class VII)

Meditation is the first step to success,
The beauty of Nature you will accept.
The five sheels if you follow,
You will never feel sorrow.
Never steal in your life,
And never say a lie.
Neither ever kill a person,
Nor you fall in drug addiction.
All people are my brothers and sisters,
Everyone has to be breath`s minister.
Anybody from anywhere can come any time
Whether they are seven, eight or nine.
Therefore I say-
Meditation is the first step to success.
-Riddhima Jain (Class IX)

Drops of rain


The claw marks of hatred,
The rashes of pain,
All can be diminished,
With a drop of rain.

The rain of wisdom,
Of love, not fear.
The rain that nothing bad,
Can dare to go near.

This rain, this storm,
Of Anapana,
Is the first step,
To get to Vipassana.

This rain, this practice,
Can feed the seed.
The seed of Dhamma,
Which we’ll always need.


-Ms Shubha Parekh, aged 12 (After taking 3 or 4 Anapana courses)

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